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Name * // Itempas, Tempa, Shiny
Age Super-old, but looks mid/late twenties
Team Carnelian

Height/Build Tall // “broad and powerfully muscled”
Hair Color/Eye Color Shaved** // Brown***
Notable Traits Facial expressions and body language! Right now, as he's just getting started, he'll have very easy to read facial expressions. (This will change over time.) Also he is hella poised and will always stand very still and upright. No slouching!!1!

Other Hah…

• Itempas is the god of light/order/day/heat/stability. During the day he will set off any of these pings you want. They're strongest at sunrise (not dawn: sunrise specifically), and when he's actively using magic. Anyone sensing magic should get a sense of bright and/or hot and/or white.
• During the day he defaults to running a very warm temperature; standing next to him is like standing by a cozy fire.

• He's scientifically, magically, and physically a normal human.
• ... unless you kill him. Then he'll revive ten to fifty minutes later, and during the revival process will have the same magic pings as during the day.
• His body temperature is warm, but more like running a fever.

• He has a “peculiar spice and metal scent.” (Thanks, blind narrator.)
• The blood of the offspring of a mortal and an immortal is poisonous to him. A few drops of blood from a demigod, or a higher and refined quantity from someone with more distant god-heritage, will kill him.
• ** So on the hair thing, it’s naturally white with very tight curls. But I can’t find a PB with white hair so let’s just say he’s shaving it off. He does that in canon sometimes.
• *** His eyes are gold in a lot of his memories, though.
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Nimue, 297, crystal (hold it; one use)
Strafe; one year, “We're going to have to work on your bedroom talk”

intentionally awkward sex scene )

Snow Queen, 298, oversized snowflake (kiss it; infinite)
“You should live, too, Oree”

'You have to leave.' )

Eliza's Brother, 300, candle (light it; three times)
“Not The End”

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288 / Beauty and Mal / floating feather (unlimited uses)
Sky; Oree; O Book three opening quickie

291 / Mulan / Jello Mix (one use?)
“I chose to believe.”

Are you my friend now? )

291 / Butterfly / nasturtium flower (eat it, one use)
... and being able to use the summoned sword

292 / Dorian / chocolate lips in red foil (one use?)
“By such small gestures are wars ended”
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286, merlin, cootie catchers
Sky; Oree; "Darkness can exist by itself. Light cannot"
- The one where Shiny dumps all his feelings on Oree.

286, hansel and gretel, burnable paper witch
Sword summon (skill)
- Yeaaaaah so Shiny can manifest a super-sharp white sword. Glee can to because she is perfect. It doesn't seem like it's a permanently-physical object because at one point he acquires it in an empty pocket dimension. Skill doesn't come with being able to use the sword, which means he won't conjure it much if at all, because it's a fussy sword that requires really precise control.

287, pandora, candle (9 uses)
“He had fought for me. And won”
- FUCK YOU T'VRIL okay no it's actually a memory about Sieh (which he saw from Sieh's POV aaaaaages ago) and about advocating for Oree without much up his sleeve.
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274, mira, small hearts (one use...)
“... I am leaving Nahadoth and Itempas alone together for a while”

After the Maelstrom passes, and Yeine and Naha have let Tempa be a god again, they all have to go around fixing the damage that the Maelstrom has done to the universe. It's... good to have superpowers again, but Naha is more tolerating Tempa by necessity than welcoming him back, and while that's an improvement it's still really unpleasant.

279, kitsune, dog's tooth on a thong (three uses)
The Maelstrom approaches; the Whorl; "Will you die with me, Nahadoth? Is that what you want?"

um this is my favorite scene in book three )

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i'm a lazy shit

260, morgan, six uses of a candy apple
after echo; away with glee again

261, mother, one use
manipulation of heat

264, hatter and mal, teabag with a useful word
echo, morning

265, dream, tin statute, four uses
sky; perhaps the dawn; Remath and Yeine

269, lancelot, tiny sword
the Tree falls, the Maelstrom is summoned; planning to fulfill Its purpose
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M47: 253, Butterfly, “Bringing Oree to the White Hall, and to Sky”
Steak pie; 1 use

M48: 254, Mira, Masker reports
Three candy apples; 3 uses

S12: 256, Cecily & Masked Lady, manipulation of light
Key shaped cookie

M49: 257, Dream, Book three Arms of Night reports from Glee
Nine macarons; 9 uses
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M41: 238, Nick, flax strand, 3 uses
Mafia-organizing; some jerk clone loser

M42: 240, Mother+Baker, tea cookies, 4 uses
After the demons; before Shahar

S11: 244, Hansel+Gretel, stale slice of bread, 1 use
”It was Itempas’s gift to halt the progression of processes that depended on time” apparently including aging.

M43: 245, Professor Endboss, water gun, ?
Discards; gj Lil
After falling out of the Tree, Shiny is barely alive (“Why the hells is everything so hard with you? Hurry up and die!”). Oree tries and fails to suffocate him but he keeps stopping her, so she magically blows a hole in his chest and he dies and revives. Oree summons Lil while he’s dead, but he stops her from letting Lil eat her arm (lel). Dateh shows up. Lil eats his bubble. Shiny and Oree run.

M44: 246, Firebird, copper ring with team stone, 3 uses
Echo; after Kahl; "His first thought, upon returning to life, was of you"
After Kahl kills Itempas and trips Sieh’s antithesis, Tempa wakes up, helps Deka stabilize Sieh, then calls for Glee. Apparently then they leave.

M45: 251, Hatter, party cracker, 1 use
Viraine; the oubliette
“But at least I still have a soul. What did you trade yours for?” “Not enough.”

M46: 253, Nimue, crystal, 1 use
“The worst case is what we must prepare for. And this is why I don’t intend to let anyone have my father”
So the Arms of Night start getting weird requests for godsblood and Glee decides she needs to stash her dad where no one can find him. Anyway, this starts an indeterminable period (probably less than ten years, but clearly at least a few months) where Glee is using magic to protect Tempa and he’s not actively engaged in the affairs of the Arms of Night. Memory cuts off before the Arms of Night find out that Sieh mortal.
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Jabberwock, idk
Hand mirror; seven uses
Glee chases her dad down

"So, later, when I was old enough, I went looking for him. Eventually I found him. I’ve traveled with him ever since.”
There was something about her that made me think she was quite capable of defending herself, too— and I sensed Itempas’s hand in that. Action and reaction. This mortal child would not die so easily; her father had made sure of that.

So at some point (I'd guess between fifteen and twenty-five years after Broken Kingdoms), Glee finds Tempa, who still has Naha's geas on him, so they probably wander around doing good stuff. Time frame on this memory will have to be murky because I'm not sure how long it took between Glee finding Shiny and the two of them hijacking the remnants of Madding's organization.


Dream, 237
Holly; seven uses
"I need you to die"

Beyond that, no news was not good news. )

- Overall, a pretty wretched memory, since it's sending Sieh to die.
- lol Ahad though
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When I was thinking about this, I realized it would get too long for Plurk, so here we go.

cw: pseudo-incest and suicidal behaviors )

Question meme! Iffff after all that you have any questions about Shiny or Percy drop them here and I will get to them tomorrow!
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Chance, 227
Chocolate coin
Injecting knowing things straight into people's heads

This is something Sieh does once to a mortal in canon (“I looked into her eyes and made her know the palace’s layout as well as I had learned it over the generations that I had lived within its walls. [She] gasped as she realized she knew the way home”), and Naha does once to Sieh in canon, and Tempa does once in an unpublished snippet (“Wordlessly he teaches me, sending knowledge into my core in a swift, stunning flood. […] I swallow it into myself, and as I do, understanding comes. The hot brightness that I have felt is power, and never again must I use it as I did unless I wish to cause harm. This is how it works and this is how to control it and this is why it matters” Shinda stop narrating in present tense).

This is kind of an awkward skill, but I needed to slow down the combat-potential regains.

Daytime-locking this skill along with the rest of his special regains.


Nimue and Odile, 228
Goblet, three uses
Ancestors’ Village

That is what I am, Oree—the steady light that keeps the roiling darkness at bay. The unmoving stone around which the river must flow. You may not like it. You don’t like me. But without my influence, this realm would be cacophony, anarchy. A hell beyond mortal imagination. )
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Maleficent, 227
Six team-colored fruit candies
Echo; afternoon

we temple of doom now )

- Be full-powered again, have a cute conversation
- Pass out from the shock of going from god-->not god in an instant
- Wake up to heart being ripped out
- Die
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Masked Lady, 204
The Bright; vaguely

Blah blah two thousand years in the gods' realm telling kids they weren't allowed to visit mortals and also being lonely, and also a lot of succession ceremonies.

“Itempas attends the ceremony,” said Zhakkarn. While I gaped at her, trying to shape my mind around the idea of the Skyfather here, right here, coming here, Zhakkarn went on. “He makes his greetings personally to the new Arameri ruler. Then he offers Nahadoth freedom, though only if he serves Itempas. Thus far, Naha has refused, but Itempas knows it is in his nature to change his mind. He will keep asking.”
In case you had any doubts that Shiny is basically the world's most horrible stalker.


Mr. Right, 206
Sky; Sieh

putting this one up because i like it: a glimpse of glee (!!!), who the fuck is ahad, the arameri all defected, another knife, 'All right, Sieh. Hate me if you like' )


Green Knight, 212
Viraine; Sky, vaguely

But before that, disguised by Viraine’s mind and soul, Itempas could watch Nahadoth like a voyeur. He could command Nahadoth and thrill in his obedience. He could pretend to be doing Dekarta’s will while manipulating events to exert subtle pressure on Nahadoth. All without Nahadoth’s knowledge.
What did I say about being the worst stalker, tho.


Green Knight, 220
Green girdle
Stoner blood

lol okay, so, godsblood is a non-addictive powerful narcotic that "confers heightened awareness and temporary magical abilities." Our sample population is only Oree, but it makes her levitate six inches off the ground for hours, relax "like drunkenness but without the hangover," and the occasional pleasant vision. I'm locking it to be magic if it's taken from him during the day only, but I... don't... imagine this skill getting used much...


Hatter, 222
Viraine; the oubliette

“But at least I still have a soul. What did you trade yours for?”

To my surprise, Viraine’s glee seemed to fade. He looked down into the pit, the gray light making his eyes seem colorless and older than Dekarta’s. “Not enough,” he said, and walked away.
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Nimue, 196
Vial of green liquid
New Lights; before Madding (coming out of the Empty; Dateh wants to kill Naha, Madding dies and that sucks)

Baker, 199
Cookies, five
Between Oree and Glee; several years

Firebird, 202
Birds in a cage, seven
The Bright; successions
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185 / dormouse / lollipop / 3 / " Viraine; some advice"
- The one where Viraine tells Yeine that Sieh is a little murderer.

187 / nimue / water / none / "O Viraine; Yeine as the guest of honor"
- Bluh bluh pre-succession dawn.

191 / chance / stars stickers / 6 / "The Empty"
Beneath the mortal veneer, he was the god of light, and he had spent five days trapped in a lightless hell. )

194 / pandora / clay jar / 1 / "Demon blood kills a godling"
- Already have the important take-away from this
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twenty-fifth memory / day 183 / peter pan / new lights; after madding
form: betting token; one use

Ugh why did I make this memory so long.

- Dateh has Shiny tortured/killed for a few days.
- Eventually the New Lights drop him off with Oree again.
- Shiny tries to suffocate her 'cause she's a demon.
- She explodes a hole in his chest.
- But when they're both conscious for a decent period of time they come up with a plan to jump out the window of Yeine's fuckhuge tree.
- Except then ♥Hado-chan♥
- They jump out a window.

eighth skill / day 183 / dormouse / aura control
form: tea biscuit; one use

So Naha's aura is shadow tentacles; Tempa's is light and heat. By default he keeps it toned down to a level closer to sitting in front of a fire. For Aather, only works during the day.
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seventh skill / day 170 / hatter / minor transmutation
form: sugar cube

Yeah one of god-powers is turning stuff into other stuff (blood into knives etc.). Normally on a cosmic scale but, hey, power cap.

twenty-third memory / day 177 / dream / A deal with Viraine
form: sugar rose

“Viraine’s heart was broken.” And does the Father of All realize that his eyes turn to Nahadoth when he says this? Is he aware of what this look reveals? “He wanted Kinneth back, and offered anything if I would help him achieve that goal. I accepted his flesh in payment.”

“How predictable.” I shift to myself, lying in Nahadoth’s arms. Nahadoth speaks above me. “You used him.”

“If I could have given him what he wanted, I would have,” Itempas replies with a very human shrug. “But Enefa gave these creatures the power to make their own choices. Even we cannot change their minds when they’re set on a given course. Viraine was foolish to ask.”


twenty-fourth memory / day 181 / mother / The Gods' War; victory
form: scrap of burlap

Ublughblugh I'll do this one later in more detail. Fighting Naha, squishing the Enefadeh into little mortal bodies.
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eighteenth memory / day 157 / three / Dekarta’s succession
form: drop spindle; ten uses


nineteenth memory / day 159 / odile / Back when humanity was young and Naha and Nefa slept around a lot
form: rubies; five uses


nineteenth memory / day 164 / nimue / "In time, the little girl became a woman"
form: letter; five uses

Enefa grows up and makes ecosystems and stuff and also threesomes I guess.

twenty-first memory / day 168 / hook and sea witch / Demon genocide
form: fish jar; four uses

Tempa and Naha go on a road trip and kill people.

twenty-second memory / day 170 / mother goose / Enefa and the knife
form: pie whistle; four uses

They have sex and then Shiny shanks her.
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